Reel Class/Pt Pleasant Saturday 8-6 Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 07 August 2011 06:52
8/6:  Had Tom & Scott Hill charter the boat today for their annual fluke trip. Along with them were Tom's sons TJ and Justin, and friends Joe Sr. and Jr.

Ran right back to where we had them yesterday and conditions were horrible. A steady, close, and annoying SE swell butted up against a little N current created zero movement, we were literally spinning - I stayed on the motors to try to keep us and the lines going in one direction and it worked for a bit. Scott was able to bang back to back 6.5# and 6# fish in successive drifts, but that was about it.

We did a little bouncing around, picking a few shorts, a few seabass, but it was never good. By 10:30 the S wind came on, and came on FAST. We went from no movement to entirely too much movement in a matter of maybe 20 minutes!
Before the drift got too fast, we picked a few more keepers, and some more shorts, topped by Tom's 6#er, but by noon time we had to drop down to 16 oz. to hold bottom. We made a few more moves, but never got a bite going again.

For the day the crew boated maybe 25 fluke, with 6 being keepers + 3 keeper seabass and 1 ling. 3 of the fluke were over 6# (6,6, 6.5) with the biggest being Scott's PB. For the day, we had maybe a half hour of good drifting conditions, literally! The crew as always was great, and made the day enjoyable - thanks for coming down guys!
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