Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 11-13 Update -- Wild Striper Bite!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 13 November 2011 08:52

11/12/11:  Had Billy from Lavalette (LAVAOB from the site) charter the boat today with his buddies. Left early got out in the dark and headed south right back to where we've had the fish down off IBSP. We were greeted by a light WSW early as we ran down the beach. We stopped briefly off the piers just to look at some birds, but continued on to the south where the bite has been so good.

As soon as we got on the scene we read fish like crazy in on the beach in 40' of water, and in the first 10 minutes we quickly boated and boxed a bunch on 47's, 67's and PB & J's. Next couple of drifts were similar, then it slowed down. As the wind started to turn more to the South.

We went into search mode, looking offshore and inshore, again catching some fish on every drift but nothing wild. Bird play today was at a minimum whereas yesterday it was nuts. We would drift in on the beach, catch some shorts and the occasional keeper, then go to the deep, and do the same thing and find bluefish mixed in.
By 11:30 the WSW turned dead S, and the ocean got nasty real quick. Drifting/jigging started to become tough so we got out the trolling sticks, put the tubes in, and continued to pick away as we worked our way north until it was time to go home. We had a few double headers, some nice keepers, and some shorts and bluefish on the troll.

There are fish EVERYWHERE. We easily boated upwards of 50 bass today, keeping our legal limit - the fish that we kept today were bigger than the last few days, most of the fish were in the 32-35" range with several in the 30-32" range and some that were right @ 28" and quite a few shorts in the 24-27" range. All the keepers today were NMR's (no-measurement-required)

Overall we had another great day in what is shaping up to be a GREAT November bass run. The guys had a blast, and Billy's boy TARZAN (that's his name!) led the way with the biggest fish which was 36-37" and it also happened to be his birthday!!!

11/11/11:  Ran an open boat trip today and left the dock nice and early just before 6AM and headed south back to where we had them yesterday, the only difference today was we could see and we had a nice snappy breeze out of the W on the ride down.

Once we got on the scene we had birds working about a mile and a half off in 60' and we got the jigs in, moments later, we had a few on and quickly had a few in the box. A little bit later, the birds broke up and we went into search mode, picking away for a bit running inshore and then back off, and doing it again. By around 8:30 that snappy breeze I mentioned before definitely kicked up a notch but the ocean was still nice with no worse than 2-3' seas but had a VERY fast drift.

Just after 9 we found the motherlode of birds and bass working a bit to the north, and quickly filled the boat limit in no time with some nicer fish to 34"/14#, and were throwing back keepers as well as plenty of shorts in the 25-27" range as well as some gator sized blues. We had the boat limit by around 9:30, but We stuck with this for awhile until it shut off, then ran up the beach searching again.

We finished up fishing in tight up the beach a bit, just blind drifting from the surf line out to 35' and still picking away catching more bass & bluefish.

Overall we had a great day - caught fish on every drift but 1 and boated approximately 40 bass, keeping only the boat limit as well as a half dozen bluefish in the 5-15# range. Evan and Bill were both on fire boating 6 keepers each as well as shorts and bluefish. I got to drop in for a few casts and picked 3 nice ones myself (they must've been really thick!)

The wind was never really an issue, as long as ya had working windshield wipers, isin glass, and sometimes a rain coat it was a beautiful day lol and seas never got bigger than 2-3' where we were fishing. Great crew, great trip, can't wait for tomorrow!!!

11/10:  Ran an open boat trip today w/ Coach Dave, Toni, Rich, Craig, and Frank. Plan was to meet @ 6 and get out of the slip to cash in on the early bite. Fog, truly pea soup fog greeted us at the dock but we got out of the slip and made our way south to IBSP, creeping along @ 15 kts as we rode down the beach.

Got down to where we had them on Sunday and slowed down, and literally stumbled upon a huge pile of birds working over fish that were right on top; we immediately got the jigs in and had lights-out fishing for the first 20 minutes as we boxed a near-limit in the first 20 minutes. This first drift lasted about a half hour and we bailed bass, all bass, boating easily 25 with shorts in the mix.

Once we got out of the fish, we could never really get into them again. The fog made it very difficult to see the fish on top and we then worked readings for the rest of the morning, picking away at bass and bluefish in the 5-12# range. By noon time the fog let up and we worked our way north, joining a fleet a few miles S of our inlet, and we topped off the catch with a few more nice bass and a few gator sized blues.

We easily boated a boat limit of bass, threw back a bunch, and had quite a few short fish in the 24-27" range, as well as a dozen or so bluefish. Biggest bass today was only ~32" - but we filled the box up and the guys had huge sacks of fillets to go home.

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