Reel Class/Pt Pleasant 4-28 & 4-29 Bass - INCREDIBLE FISHING!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 29 April 2012 18:20

Sunday 4/29:  That word, Wow, sums up today. On facebook I declared today a "5 advil day" because of what you're gonna read below and the end result of what we did today, but the word Wow is an even better adjective to describe the kind of fishing we had...

Had a full open boat trip today with Jimmy, Cubby, Mike, Bob, Flukeman Fred, and Ryan on board with Kenny and I. Ran north up to the fleet and where they had them yesterday afternoon. At first things were very slow, but once we made a few wiggles we had lock and load bass fishing with all NICE fish in the 12-20# range, all on krocs and pb & j's. We limited the entire boat out w/ bonus fish by 8:30AM, and went into C&R mode. All of the action was taking place from 1.5-2.5 miles off - the bite was crazy good until around 9 when it slowed.

We meandered north, looking around, stopping on readings and picking bluefish - got all the way to the rocks and we had even more bluefish there.

At around noon, we got a call a little bite was developing back to our south, so we headed back to where we started, and found small patches of birds working over ACRES of bass and a few bluefish. For the next hour and a half, we had ridiculous catch and release fishing with bigger bass, mostly in the 18-22# range, but we had two that were close to 30# that Ryan got to the boat, one of which threw the hook as we were getting ready to get her inside for a snapshot and release. We stayed with this until 1:45ish when a collective cry of uncle was thrown out there by the entire crew LOL

For the day, we easily boated 70+ bass, with many in the 15-20# range, and maybe a dozen over 20#, all on jigs (pb&j's and krocs). Mixed in with the bass were maybe 15 bluefish, all 5-10#.

Why 5 advil? Aching backs, arms, hands, etc. from reeling fish in all day!! It doesn't get any better than this - GREAT jig fishing!!!!!!!!! Great crew, great day - Wow!!

Saturday 4/28: Ran a full open boat trip today with Walsh, Brian, Craig P, Randy, Hollywood Bill, and birthday boy "feed me more" Jason.   Ran north, got an early start looking to jig some stuff. Started out in the deep off Asbury and caught nothing. Ran further up, and in on the beach just looking around. Found LOADS of bunker in tight, tried swimming a few but only had some monster bluefish give them a look - so with nothing going on we loaded up on more bunker then went back into search mode. Ran back to the deep and got a call on a little troll bite, but only pulled big bluefish on the shad rigs. Got another call further south, out in the deep that a lil jig bite was going on so off we went.

What we found, at first, was pure chaos with what seemed like nearly 100 boats zipping all over the place, cutting each other off (Think Jaws scene) and no bites.

We then creeped our way to the S end of the fleet, and finally found some bass. At first we had a slow pick of NICE bass in the 32-38" range mixed in with a few jumbo blues. We wound up working around this area for a bit, then finally found the motherlode a bit further up - on one drift we limited the boat out on QUALITY bass and went into C&R mode by 11 AM. At several points, we had 4-5 fish on, and I went up to the bow and swung my limit in on 2 successive casts.

After loading the box, we went inshore, did a little toggin', caught virtually nothing (1 seabass). As we were anchored up, Jason and Kenny spotted some bird play a half mile from us - nobody on them. So, we picked up the hook and went back out with the jigs on, and again, had insane fishing with an even mix of bass and bluefish - fish were blowing up all around us and the bass, at this point, were generally bigger.

At 2 we called it a day - the guys were exhausted and were complaining of sore arms from catching bass and handful of bluefish we had. We EASILY boated 40 bass today, if not more, and only 1 was short + about a dozen bluefish. We kept our boat limit of bass to around 23#, and released a solid ~25 HEALTHY fish back to the ocean. This was another GREAT day with a helluva crew in a TREMEMDOUS April jig bite we've experienced. Jig fishing for bass really doesn't get a whole lot better than this!!!

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