Art Berkman Charter
Written by Capt. Allen   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 09:23
Had Art Berkman, Mike Weitzman, Duffman, and Bob Cameron aboard today for a jig trip. Started out fishing just S of the inlet in tight where small blues and bass had peanut bunker flying out of the water. Throwing soft plastics, we had a few fish, no great shakes. We then moved further south and offshore, and got into a somewhat slow pick of mixed size blues and bass. We'd have a good shot of fish, then it'd shut off. We bounced around for a few hours doing this.

Got a couple of calls about the bluefins offshore, so we put on some butterfly jigs and took a ride. Awesome sight seeing 75-150# bluefins smashing sandeels twenty feet from the boat. We jigged for about 20 minutes, with nothing to show for it but some great visuals.  We then got a few calls of some more action further south with bass and bluefish, so off we went. Again, we had a nice pick of mixed sized blues and bass again as the SW really started cranking. Duffman nailed a beautiful 17# bass on a 7 oz. kroc down there, as well as a few others..

We boated a countless load of blues between 2-12#, and about a dozen bass with just a few going in the box to Duff's 17#er. Most of the bass released were in the 25-27.5" range. We were also infested with a few patches of extremely vicious spiny's who attacked any metal we put down there. Art also nailed a 16" fluke on a tail-less 47. By 2:30 the SW really started getting snappy, so we called it a day. Good day with a great crew!
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