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7/13 update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 13 July 2014 05:35

7/13 Update...

Bottom fishing in the DEEP has been EXCELLENT with good catches of cod to 30#, loads of ling, and plenty of jumbo winter flounder to 3.5# rounding out the catches...  Friday 7/11's trip was a real good day, as we had a load of ling (almost 200), plus 4 keeper cod and 8 flounder...  Thursday 7/10's trip was a lot more cod - 15 keepers to the 30#er plus a half dozen flounder and some ling...  Fishing is good!!  Our next bottom trip is Thursday, 7/17. 

**Pics in gallery!** 

7/1 Update - Threshers, Bottom Fishing, Fluke
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 06:26

Quick Update and One Detailed Report:

*Bottom fishing continues to be generally good with ling, seabass and winter flounder rounding out the catches. 

*Fluke fishing is hit or miss - all about conditions!  This will get better!!

*Shark fishing is very good right now - threshers, browns, and mako's way offshore are supplying the action...

315# Thresher Sunday 6/29/14: 

Had a 3 man crew of long time regulars - Doc, Ryan, Bill with Kenny and I for a thresher trip today. This trip has been in the works for over a week as Kenny has been busting my chops for years, so we blocked out today, Sunday, for this trip. With the help of our good friends Freddy Gamboa, Dan McGivney, and John Meisenbacher (all great neighbors at Clark's!) we were geared up and off we went at 6:30.

Got to our area around 7:45, got the chum bucket in, hung some carcasses (thanks Deane!) and went up on the drift. 45 minutes later, the 60' rod starts screaming, a jumbo thresher leaps and the fight is on. Kenny got a great hookset, and Bill took the rod, the fish sizzled line for a good few minutes, then settled down.

At this point, I was like, "OK, we'll have this fish in a half hour, and we'll be cleaned up and home by noon." I was VERY wrong. LOL

When that fish settled, the battle was on. This was one incredibly stubborn fish - it was like battling a Volkswagen. We'd get 40' on the fish, it would get back 41'. We slugged it out for 3 and a half hours with everyone battling the fish at least a dozen times, and finally, after a third time at boatside, we had the double line and leader at boatside. Doc leadered the fish, Bill was on the rod, Ryan had the gaff for the tail, and Kenny had the flyer. Kenny stuck the fish perfectly with the flying gaff, and basically at that point (11:30ish), it was over. We got the fish boatside, gaffed the tail, did a double tail rope, and then swung the beast through the door.

315#. Biggest damn fish I've ever seen. For a died in the wool bottom and bass fisherman like me, this is one heck of an accomplishment. Very memorable day with great friends - we have meat for weeks and memories for a lifetime! Thanks again guys for coming out - GREAT teamwork paid off!!!! 


**Pics in gallery from all recent trips**

***Open boat page is UPDATED with some new trips added!!*** 

6/19 Update - Good Bottom Fishing - Fluking Improving
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 19 June 2014 20:12

Very quick update!

Seabass and ling fishing LOCALLY has slowed, however off the beach ling and seabass fishing has improved GREATLY and spiced in with the ling and bass are JUMBO winter flounder... We've done a couple of trips - check out the pics!

And, although we haven't done it yet, fluke fishing is improving DRAMATICALLY.  The last few days has seen a major improvement in the fishing and it will only get better!

Check out the pics in the gallery! 

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