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6/19 Update - Good Bottom Fishing - Fluking Improving
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 19 June 2014 20:12

Very quick update!

Seabass and ling fishing LOCALLY has slowed, however off the beach ling and seabass fishing has improved GREATLY and spiced in with the ling and bass are JUMBO winter flounder... We've done a couple of trips - check out the pics!

And, although we haven't done it yet, fluke fishing is improving DRAMATICALLY.  The last few days has seen a major improvement in the fishing and it will only get better!

Check out the pics in the gallery! 

6-8 Weekend Wrap-Up -- Good Bottom Fishing!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 09 June 2014 04:05
Saturday 6/7: Had Warren n crew on for a seabass/ling trip. Stayed local all day. Picked away. Loads of short seabass but enough keepers to keep it interesting along with some ling and about a dozen tog that had to go back. Wound up with a box full of seabass to 2# and around 2 dozen ling. About 70-75 total for the day.

Sunday 6/8: Had Dick's charter on for another bottom trip, and if bassin' was good we'd do that. We stuck with the bottom critters all day. Locally life was slow so we went looking offshore. Tried 80' - NG, tried 100' NG, had some life at 120' but it was mostly bergalls, a few big seabass and a nice 25" cod, but in 230' we had a nice pick of mixed size ling, with the biggest being the biggest ling I've ever seen at an even 5#! We then ran back inshore and tried a few more drops around 130' but it was NG, so the we went back to our local spot where we started and, yup, you guessed it, the fishing turned on and we had a wild seabass bite the last 45 minutes boxing up about 2 dozen more seabass. Finished with an even mix of seabass and ling in the box, plus one keeper cod. In total we had about 75 fish total in the box for the day - definitely less seabass Sunday than Saturday. Overall a great day with another awesome crew!
Sunday 6/1 Report - Slow AM Bassin
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 04:05
Had John Kuhles and crew again on today for a bass trip in the morning/early afternoon.

Got our bait easy just north of our inlet, then it was off to the Asbury - Monmouth beach stretch. Read loads of fish out in the deep and in near the pods, had loads of bait present - only trick was getting the fish to bite and commit.

Some pickups, some bluefish bite offs, some quick runoffs - that was it - Kenny decked the only bass of the day a nice 20# fish mid-day just drifting and dreaming out in the deep.

We did have a few more bites inshore to finish up the day in the pods, but couldn't connect.

Very tough day!
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