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Friday 7/12 Update
Written by Capt.Allen   
Friday, 12 July 2013 08:49

We've had a semi-busy week this week, but weather has forced us to cancel the last 2 trips.  Here's the summary:

Tuesday 7/9:  Ran a FTYP trip today with Larry, Fred, Tommy, Brian, Les and Gabe. Ran out to the northeast to some hard bottom and had some life early - shorts, a couple of keepers, some ling, and a whiting!  Once that dried up we bounced around the rough stuff, only picking one or two here or there with a couple of seabass and ling mixed in, but no great shakes.

So we made a move to the east to a hill and finally found some decent life. 3-5 keepers per drift, with shorts mixed in was what we had for the next 2 hours. We picked away, and put a real nice catch together. A good amount of fish were in the 3-5 # range, with very few "measurable" keepers, most were NMR's!

Once that dried up, we Finished up inshore on another lump, had a couple more, but the south wind made the drift a tad too fast.

When all was said and done we had 28 fluke in the box to 5.2 # (taken by Brian), 6 ling, 3 seabass and 1 whiting. Larry and Fred both had their limits, and Tommy led the way with 9 topped by a 5# fish. Real nice day for Tom! The other guys all did a nice job as well, as Brian had 4 just missing his limit. 

Wednesday 7/10:  Ran another FTYP marathon trip today.  Much harder S wind then yesterday and the fishing really took a hit -- we basically had a 1-2 knot drift all day long, which certainly affected the fishing.  Nevertheless, we Ran back to where we had them on Tuesday, but only had some shorts and a couple of keepers, one of which was an 8#er by Capt Kenny.  Otherwise, we had shorts, skates, sea robins, and a couple of spotted hake.  Ran all over thereafter, trying to find some life, wound up down south, but everything was OFF.  Called it a day around 2 to beat the storms.

Thursday 7/11:  We had our ling trip today, but unfortunately, the weatherman completely blew the forecast as we had a HARD SW wind and rain most of the day.  If we were fluke fishing in on the beach, we would've been OK, but to make a 20 mile run offshore and get beat up out there it just wasn't worth it.  We are rescheduling the trip for Friday 7/26!

Friday 7/12:  Cancelled today's FTYP trip... NE winds 15-20 all day! Arggghhhh!!!


*All pics in gallery*

7/5-7/7 Update -- Fluke & Bottom Fish!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 08 July 2013 06:09

In summary before you read the reports -- fluke fishing is TOUGH right now, while bottom fishing is still very good.  Lots of ling, still some seabass with the cold water from the hard south, and cod are in the mix as well as out of season winter flounder and blackfish.  Also heard of some whiting around too!

Sun 7/7:  Capt Kenny and Jimmy had a full crew of 6 for an open FTYP trip today with Larry, Doc, Dave, Steve, John T, and John O.  Ran north, and fished the stretch between Asbury and Monmouth beach all day long. Fishing generally was very slow, as there was simply a lack of bites and very few fish coming up on the bucktails.

For the day they boated around 30 fluke, of which 8 were keepers to 21" and 1 keeper seabass. Doc and Larry led the way with 3 keepers each.  Needless to say a very tough day fishing dirty water with generally crappy conditions. Back at it Tuesday!

FYI - the pic below of Larry and Jimmy is the end result of an "epic", "five-star" prank they played on me that tripled my blood pressure at a few points today. Thanks a lot guys! My wife got a kick out of it, as did you LOL

Sat 7/6:  Had Les Gray and the Fish On! club on again from MD. Initially the plan was to fluke fish but with our so-so results from Friday we gave the guys the option to switch the trip to a bottom fishing trip and they obliged.

Started off on a small spot 8 miles E of our inlet in 80' and had a slow but steady pick of nice seabass and a few ling. Couldn't anchor on it so we power drifted and picked away. We also caught a couple of tinker mackerel on the beaded hooks - first time I've seen tinkers inshore in awhile.
Once that dried up we hit two more wrecks a little bit north still in the 75-85' range and had just a few seabass and ling, so we shot offshore to fish some pieces in 100-125'.

First drop we had a few nice seabass and ling, then we settled in and had a real nice shot of codfish with a dozen coming up real quick, but only 2 made it to the box (both were 22"). Loads of pout on this spot. Bounced around out in the deep, found loads of bergalls, the occasional keeper seabass and ling, but couldn't really get it going.

We then hit a wreck a little north of where we were on the inside of the hole in 125' and we found the motherlode of ling with a few seabass mixed in. Several double headers, lots of nice 2-4# ling came up. We also had 2 jumbo winter flounder (both released!) and one 4# blackfish (also released) come up along with one huge sea raven and more banana cod.

When the guys had enough with the ling, we tried for more seabass on the way in and hit a couple of wrecks around 65' but couldn't buy a bite on them.  Finished with well over 100 ling, maybe ~120 or so in the box, a couple dozen seabass, and the 2 keeper cod. Real nice day, the guys went home with loads of meat. Back to fluking tomorrow - hope it bounces back!

Fri 7/5:  Very quick report since it's a day late.  Got off to a great start with Barry's nice 6# fish (on the digital), but we had a slow pick throughout the rest of the day catching some shorts n keepers.

Also had a few seabass and ling.

Very tough day for us!


6/25 - 6/28 Reports - Fluke & Bottom Fishing
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 29 June 2013 07:15

Fri 6/28:  Originally had a marathon trip planned today but with the crappy forecast I gave the guys the option to reschedule or fish the river/bay, so they decided to do the latter.

Left the slip and made the uncharacteristic left hand turn out of clark's and went through the canal to fish Barnegat Bay for the end of the outgoing. Had a good bite at first with mostly keeper sized fluke, and we had a couple of real good flurries, but that dried up once we lost the current. We had 7 in the box by 9 along with a handful of shorts, so we then made the run to the river to get the current again and picked and plucked everywhere.

The closer we got to the inlet the colder the water got, so we stayed in the back and picked away at more shorts and some more keepers.

Fred got his limit of 5, Ryan had 3, Bob had 1 and Kenny and I put a few in the box. Overall, for fishing INSIDE, we had a very good day. Out of around 25 fluke we boated, 12 made it to the box to 21" - most of those fish were in the 18-20" range and only two fell in that 17.5"-18" category. No other by-catch, just some nice scrappy fluke! Real nice day, and it was good using the trout rods to catch fluke!

Thurs 6/27:  Had Bill B take the boat for the day with his son Liam and friend Mike, and we filled the charter with Bill H and Pete. Plan was to bottom fish all day.  Ran out to our NE where we've been doing good with the seabass. No current or wind to speak of so we had to drift. Picked a few here and there but fishing was VERY slow. Left there with only a dozen keepers and took a long ride up north where some ling were being caught.

Fishing in 60' depths we had a slow pick of seabass and ling with an occasional fluke in the mix on the hook. We also had a "red hot" pick of giant silver eels, landing a total of 12 snakes to about 4' long LOL  Once that "dried" up we went prospecting, fishing a little shallower and as deep as 90' and picked a few ling and seabass everywhere we went. No great shakes though.

Finished up where we started on the hook with the S wind and seas building and had a few nice flurries of seabass to finish up.

We wound up with around 70 keeper seabass and 20 ling, and 1 keeper fluke for the day. Biggest seabass was taken by Liam which was around 3.5#. A good day, but it was a real grind but at least we got the guys some meat!

Tues 6/25:  Capt Kenny and supermate Jimmy had Larry, Fred, Brian, Ryan, and Adam on board today for this summer's first FTYP marathons.
Ran north, started out in tight, and within the first 45 minutes or so the guys boxed up 5 nice fluke to 4.5#. After that things SHUT OFF.

Bounced around, fished inshore, offshore, only picked a few shorts and a seabass and ling. Lots of current off the beach made for tough fishing, so it was back inshore. In on the beach, they finally found a nice patch of fluke and proceeded to "carpet bomb" LOL the patch for awhile piecing together a nice catch with loads of shorts in the mix.

A few more stops down the beach on the way home yielded a few more shorts, no more keepers.

By day's end the boys boxed up 20 keeper fluke to 4.5# (also had a few others right around 4#), a couple of nice seabass and 1 ling along with loads of short fluke. Real nice day with a great crew of regulars, and the guys had nice sacks of meat to take home.

Fluke fishing is picking up and is pretty darn good right now- we will be at it all summer long, everyday so check the website for the FTYP schedule under the open boat banner.

**All Pics in Gallery!!**

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