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Saturday 9/7 Update - Fluking Still very good!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 07 September 2013 10:35

For the first time in a few years we are actually catching fluke into September!

Fishing is generally good and we are still seeing 20+ keepers a trip with lots of guys catching limits.  Big fish every trip have averaged around 7#.  Bucktails and gulp have been the ticket as they have been all summer long. 

Reports (8/21 to 9/6):

8/21:  Had Russ, Kathy, Fred, Phil, and Bob F onboard today for our special deepwater wreck trip (finally got it in!!)

Ran out east to start on a wreck 30 miles from our inlet, to find a dive boat setting up on the piece Capt was lucky enough to let us get a pass on the piece I wanted to hit since he was just getting in - good thing we didn't settle in because all we had there were bergall bites.Ran to the north to another wreck in 240' - a good amount of ling came up. Moved to another piece about a mile further away in a tad shallower, even more ling of mixed sizes from little hot dogs to nice 3-4#ers.  Then hit a wreck in 140' (very high profile wreck) and again had bergalls. Hit another rockpile in about 115' and had, you guessed it, more bergalls. Finally found some cod on another pile with debris which has been very good to us in years past, and pulled 3 cod off of it, one being a "NJ" keeper of 21.5" but not a federal keeper by Kathy. Fred also pulled the biggest sea raven off this piece I've ever seen at 4# 4oz.  We then hit another wreck further north for a few ling, and finally settled in on another wreck in 220' up further in the hole and pulled even more ling off of it, and for the first time in 6 years, I lost an anchor to a wreck and a net that was basically wound into the wreck Wound up with a box full of ling, and the sea raven. The crew was great, they all went home with nice bags of meat. Back for more fun later this week after a day off tomorrow!

Almost forgot -- Sidebars to today (there were several):

1. We were boarded, 24 miles from out inlet, by the NY DEC checking our fish and documentation. The guys were beyond nice, and spent some time chit-chatting with us about their boat and what the hell they were doing in our area. We even donated a ling to their cause because the one officer was a trainer for recruits for fish ID purposes.

2. While we were on the hook ling fishing at the last piece, we had a 12' hammerhead circling the boat.

 8/24:  Had Mike aka Sharkyispy's annual JCAA fluke tournament charter today. Along with Mike were Kenny, Scott, Sean, Larry, and Fred. 
Hard NNE winds early made the ocean "sporty" and we basically had to stay inshore all day long. Once we got off a mile + early it was NASTY as a south current was running off the beach right into the wind making the ocean gnarly.  So, we worked our way up the line, and got our lines in. First fish, by Fred, was a 19" keeper. Thereafter we picked some shorts and keepers here and there. By around 10:30 the wind laid down and we were able to run a bit more, so we did some looking finally off the beach and found a few patches of keepers and one fish around 4# by Fred.  At 2, we started working our way back south. At that point we had about 10 keepers in the box - so we hit a few hills and shell beds, nothing but shorts. Finally got settled in on a rockpile close to home and had very good fishing right on that pile for mostly keeper sized fluke until we had to go in at 345 to make weigh-ins.

Wound up with 22 keepers, with the biggest taken by Fred which was good for 9th place in the tournament in our port out of 37 boats - not bad but we could've done better. Very tough day fishing. The guys ground it out and worked tirelessly for every one of those 22 that made it to the box. Larry led the way with 7 keepers, and Fred had the biggest while all the guys put at least 2 in the box. Great group of guys as always - congrats to Jerry and the crew on the Monger for taking the port prize in point!

8/25:  Today Capt Kenny and new/old supermate Joey had J's crew on board for a fluke/bluefish trip.  For starters half of the crew was 1.5 hours late, so the guys didn't leave the slip till almost 8AM.  Kenny basically fished most of the fluke spots which produced for us on Saturday and some new pieces, however fluke fishing was horribly slow with only shorts, skates, and would-be keeper seabass coming up.  They then switched to bluefish after taking a ride, but missed the bite as the bluefish shut off by 11AM.  The crew called it an early day by 1:30 as more than half of the crew was seasick and only part of the crew was actively fishing. Kenny and Joe did everything they could to get these guys on the fish, it just wasn't their day.

8/28:  We had Bob F on for his birthday fluke trip today along with Larry, Fred, and Fred's brother Larry.  Took a ride to start the day, had 3 keepers in the first 15 minutes, then we redrifted that area 3X, and only had a couple of shorts. Made a few moves, and only caught shorts, so we finally made another move and got into some fish. We had a few real nice flurries to start where we had 3-4 keepers a drift, but then that sorta dried up, so again, we made another move, caught a few more, then again had the bite dry up. See a pattern?

Finished the day closer to home - had another good drift with a few keepers, but you guessed it, the bite dried up QUICKLY. Called it a day around 330 - didn't see a drop of rain all day also

For the day we literally eeked out the 4 man crew's limit of 20 keeper fluke -- a good majority of those keepers were right @ 18" (no real close ones) but we did have 3 fish in the 3-5# range. We did have 2 doubleheaders today, one consisting of 2 fluke by Larry M, and the other consisting of a legit 19" 3# seabass and a keeper fluke by Fred. Larry (flukemaster!) had the best fish of the day @ 5#, and we had a tie for HH with 4 fish.

8/30:  Today we had our long time customer Doug W charter the boat w/ his lady Sherri. Game plan was to fluke for a bit then switch to blues and possibly switch to bottom fishing. Fluked locally, caught shorts. Wasn't really that good with the swell.

We then ran north to where the bluefish have been being caught and we had a slow pick of gator sized blues in the 12-15# range on krocs, stingo's and 47's. Fishing again at best was a slow pick as we were basically drifting through the fleet and dropping the jigs on readings - which were at times THICK - but we weren't catching what we saw on the machine. Nevertheless we bent the rods a bit with these big bluefish (good to see them around again - yes I said that!!)

After a few hours of that, the crew wanted to try their hand at bottom fishing for porgies and triggers. That was NG as we read the porgies inshore, but the bite was very slow -- only had some seabass and taylor sized blues.

8/31:  Had Billy onboard for his annual fluke trip. Joined by Billy were his dad Bill, Derek, Dave, Brian M, and Larry Flukemaster filled the last spot.  Forecast was iffy from the get-go but we decided to give it a shot. Broke the inlet and were greeted with steady SW winds as we worked our way offshore to some pieces we haven't fished in a while. Once we got out there, the seas were stacked 4-6' with the hard SSW wind but we gave it a go. Larry banged the first keeper which was his best of the season, a beautiful 7.25# fish - the rest of the fish we pulled from that piece were shorts. After a half dozen drifts and a general ass beating, we headed back inshore a tad to fish some high spots, and pulled a few keepers.  We then bounced around to a few rockpiles, and pulled a few more keepers topped by Brian's personal best (7.25# - Larry's fishes twin!)

By 12:30 the wind picked up another notch and even the inshore spots were tough to fish with a fast drift and generally really sloppy conditions.

We bagged it a tad early, and were back at the dock by 2 with 10 keepers in the box. 9 of those fish were over 20", some nice quality fish today topped by 4 fish over 5#. Great crew as always, it's great having these guys on the boat - fishing was definitely tough as the guys earned those fish today, but considering what we had to deal with we certainly had an ok day!  Great crew as always!

9/5:  Had the guys from the SWABC on today and WMD Fred filled the last spot of the charter (5 guys).
Took a ride today and found a confused, washing machine chop with the hard west wind, N current, and SE swell. On the first piece we picked some shorts and a quick keeper, but that dried up fast. We then ran in on the beach and caught some more shorts, but that also was NG.

We then took a little longer ride to fish a piece I personally haven't fished in nearly 10 years and found immediate action with short and keeper fluke. Lots of fish, loads of bites, and lots of action. Sometimes we had 3-4 fish on at a time. Every drift we picked 3-5 keepers until it dried up - lots of quality 3-5#ers plus plenty of 18-20" keepers. Highlight of that spot was when I snuck up to the bow, got hammered, and thought I had the fish of a lifetime on - Joe came up with the net, and when we saw the shadow come out we thought it was a MONSTER, turned out to be a double header - top hook was a 27" 7# fluke and the bottom hook had a 18" keeper on it LOL.

By noon time we had the crew's limit and looked like we were cruising to the full boat limit but everything shut down - the wind shifted straight N and the current kicked in harder and what was a good bite turned into sea robins, short fluke, and dogfish central.  Bounced around a little more, just couldn't get any more keepers.

Wound up with the 5 man limit of 25 plus 1 or 2 more, LOADS of shorts (easily boated 150) plus a few lucky seabass that were very lucky - we also had 3 double headers - Ray, Frank, and Mike each had limits with Fred and John both getting 4 each. We had 8 fish between 3-5 #, plus the one 7#er. Turned out to be a good day despite a slow start!! Nice bags of meat for the guys - great crew as always!

9/6:  Had Tim B's crew on today from the way way yonder part of PA (3 hours to pp) for his buddy Steve's bachelor party festivities. For most of the crew, it was their first or one of their first saltwater fishing experiences.

We broke the inlet around 7 and found things to be a tad bit dicey with the NNE wind, current, and just a nasty big heave with a wind chop - we opted to wait it out in the river to wait for things to settle.

River was slow, just a few shorts and 1 keeper. By 10:30 the ocean laid down enough for us to sneak out locally and fish some spots where we heard there were fish. Very slow go to start, just a few shorts and more lucky would-be keeper seabass that went back. Finally, at 1:45, we finally got a good pick going of all keeper fluke and wound up boxing 5 on our last drift topped by a 4.5#er by John.... But, We had to bag it at 2 because the guys had to be back out in PA at their home by 6PM.

That last drift was real good and if we stayed we would've really put a hurting on the fish but sometimes ya gotta leave em' biting. Wound up with 8 fish, most real nice fish and 3 of them were right on the mark. A good day, and for the guys who never did this before they conquered the learning curve!


Monday 8/19 Update - Fluke, Bluefish
Written by Capt.Allen   
Monday, 19 August 2013 19:09

We've been very busy the last week or so, and it's been hard to keep up with the reports.  In general, fluke fishing has been good both up north and on our local reefs and hills, while bluefishing for the cocktails 10 miles NE of our inlet still is very good, wit some bonito mixing in.  ALL PICS ARE IN THE GALLERY!

Here are the reports

Monday 8/19:  Had Joe S's 5-man charter on board today for some light tackle bluefish jigging. Left the dock @ 730 and Ran back to where we and the fleet have been catching the smaller blues the last month and read the motherlode - dropped the jigs and had immediate action with cocktail and taylor sized bluefish.
We basically had 1-4 fish on at a time for the rest of the morning - the action was as good as it was when it started a few weeks back and we held the fish on all morning long. The only time we didn't catch was when we weren't reading them.The fish were spitting up 3-4" sandeels, some were alive when they got spit up on deck. There are LOADS of sandeels in this area.The guys wound up boating well over 150+ bluefish in the 1-4# range, with a most being 1-3#. Sanjay got our only bonito of the day, a nice 4#er that put up a great fight on a trout rod, and Vinny was high hook landing over 50 himself and he also hooked into a cownose before the hook pulled.Wound up keeping the crew's limit of 75, + the 1 bonito. Great morning - the guys were done by 1230 and we were back to the dock by 1. Great trip with happy anglers!

Sunday 8/18:  Had a full 6 man crew for a fluke trip today. Ran right back to where we left them biting Saturday afternoon and had fish on immediately. First 2 drifts - 4 keepers. Thought we were gonna have another good day.After those 4, things went downhill fast. The NE wind picked up, seas got a bit sporty, and drifting conditions got a tad bit fast. We bounced around, rockpile to rockpile, tried a few hills, tried some spots in on the sand, and we had nothing but shorts.
Later in the day we got a call of some fish being caught a bit north of where we were, so we headed there, and caught even more shorts.  One last stop on a hill to the E of our inlet put 1 more keeper in the boat along with a few more shorts. At that point the wind again started getting some more teeth and most of the crew had had enough.  At 2 we headed for the dock a little early with just 5 keepers and maybe 30 shorts for the day - SI Frank led the way with 3 keepers (real good job by him on a day like today). Very tough day - yesterday was one for the books, today (sunday) was the polar opposite! Great crew of mostly new guys to the boat, hope to see the guys back again in the future!

Saturday 8/17:  Had the FSOS tourney today with the regular crew of Larry, Fred, Ryan and Brian along with Kenny and I.  Broke the inlet early and had lines in around 6 am. Got a great sunrise to start the day Fishing to start off was a pick, and we had some nice fish flying over the rails early.At around 7 Fred decked a personal best, 8.55# fluke - congrats Fred!!! We continued to pick, slowly, and were putting a nice catch together. Once we stopped getting bites, we moved to another piece, and got a few more, and it was that way until around 10 AM.At 10 we made a move to deeper water offshore, but that simply stunk as we had just a couple of shorts.  So, we moved back inshore to finish up the day. Got some more keepers, quite a few more shorts, and finally got a real good bite going at the very end of the day before we had to shoot in for weigh-ins where Kenny got a nice 6# fish + 4 more keepers to top off the box. 
When we weighed in Fred's 8.55#er was 3rd, but since then I believe that has changed. Either way, great fish and congrats to Fred. Ryan, Brian and Fred all had limits +, Kenny caught his limit, while Larry and I also put some nice fish in the box. We wound up easily boxing a boat limit of fluke + (probably had ~36 keepers for the day) keeping only our legal limit.  Great day fluking with some great friends. Back at it tomorrow, hope it holds up!!

Friday 8/16:  Today we ran another FTYP marathon trip with Mr. X, Ryan, Fred, Bill H, and Pete M - we had one fare back out last minute because of an emergency work commitment. I felt bad for him.Since we've been fishing the same general areas for weeks, I decided to take a look in a different direction today (with 2 slow trips in a row) and took a loooong run up the beach. First drop just had a handful of shorts. Second drop the same. Third drop, a little further up the line, more of the same.Finally made a move to deeper water, and found very good action with shorts and keepers. Drifted this area, "carpet bombed" it for about 2 hours, and pounded out 17 keepers with 3X as many shorts coming up. Once we lost the drift, the bite slowed, so we made a move to deeper water where there was some current, and again found a bite again with shorts and keepers in the mix.  Once that dried up, we made another move a little northeast of where we were, and it was game on again. For the last 2 hours, we plucked 2-4 keepers per drift until it was time to go home. Lots of nice quality fish on that last drop, topped by Fred's 7# er and a couple other 3-6#ers. Fred also decked a 24", ~5# seabass which was released unharmed. God was that fish lucky the season's closed For the day, we wound up boating well over 100 fluke, and the guys easily boxed their limit of keeper fluke for the day. A good portion of the keepers were in the 17.5-19" range, but we also had enough of those 20-23" fish to make it interesting. Fred was high hook again today, finishing one fish shy of a triple limit (he had 14 keepers!) and took the big fish of the day. Today was simply a great day of fishing with a great bunch of regulars - and another day of 30 + keepers for the boat!!! Back at it tomorrow for the FSOS tourney, looking for a slob

Thursday 8/15:  Had the guys from the SWABC on board today for one of their annual charters. Great group of guys as usual led by Dennis and Frank.
Ran back to where we've been catching, and found shorts and still a 1 knot drift early. Bounced around, finally got our first keeper when we went offshore around 8 and got a couple more.  By 930 the wind laid down enough for us to work off a bit more on some rough stuff, and the first piece we hit had good life when we had a drift where we picked a good amount of shorts and some nice keepers.  Second spot was dead, third was loaded with shorts, and the fourth offshore had a few shorts and 1 keeper.We then shot back inshore to finish up the day and got a couple more keepers and a couple more shorts.  Overall, it was a tough day. Lots of short fluke, some keepers, and just another grinder of a day where we had to hunt and peck to scratch up a catch. We wound up with 10 in the box - biggest went 5# by Dennis Jr. All but one of those keepers was over 20", so we did have some quality fish but just not enough of them.  

Wednesday 8/14:  Had another FTYP marathon trip today with Fred, Bill H, Eddie, and Tom K. Ran back to the same general area where we've been catching them, but inshore to start to explore a bit with the already cranking NW wind. Had lines in by 620 and had our first keeper by 625. Next 2 drifts each produced a keeper and shorts, so we stayed at it. By 715, that bite we had completely dried up and by 8-830, the NW "hawk" was truly in town as it was BLOWING.  Fished in tight, tried the deep, moved to a few different areas, all we caught were shorts and 2 weakfish.Finally got a call my buddy had a good bite going on back where we started, so we got there, and the bite was OK - picked 4 more keepers there and then it again dried up.Tried a few more spots before we went home but that was it. At one point we were dragging bait with 16 or more ounces. That was a true delight LOL   Wound up with 7 keepers to 3.5#, 2 weakfish, and a couple of very lucky seabass. Overall a very tough day with the conditions, as the wind was truly relentless all day.

Monday 8/12: Had Hurricane Dave's charter on today for a fluke trip. Ran out to where we've been catching them and had good life right away, picking away at keepers and shorts. Our third keeper of the morning was Silent Don's personal best, just shy of 8#. Real nice fish!  Bounced around most of the morning, picking a few here and there, nothing spectacular though.   We then made another move later in the morning and got into some more life with more nice keepers coming up and some good short life, and we continued with a slow but steady pick throughout the rest of the day.  For the day, Craig, Barry, Don, Randy, and Dave all had limits of fluke -- we had 6 fish over 4#, with several in the 3-5# bracket, and 3 over 6#. Top fish was Don's which was mentioned earlier. We wound up with a real nice catch of 26 keepers + 1 ling. Real nice day with a great, fun crew!

Saturday 8/10: Had Paul's charter on today. Ran out to where we've been catching the fluke and had a very slow pick -- the swell definitely had them off. The guys decided to try in on the beach for croakers - NG. Then we switched gears again and headed up the line for bluefish... Bite wasn't as good as it's been but the guys still wrecked them and we held 2-4 fish on at a time. In 2 drifts, we were done! Boxed up a load and landed about 75. Finished up fluking, and got a few more. Wound up keeping about 30 blues and had 4 keeper fluke to 4#.

Sunday 8/11: FTYP trip today with Tom, Scott, Steve, Andrew, and Pat Sr and Jr. Slow pick all day, till we got into a bite later. Ground out 19 nice keepers to 5#. Scott was on fire all day landing his limit + and getting the biggest fish of the day. Tough day, but the guys definitely worked hard at it and were rewarded with a nice mess of keepers.

Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 07 August 2013 06:45

Weds 8/7 Update --- We are not out today, but over the last week we've seen some generally good fluke fishing with a couple of slow days, and when we've done it, excellent bluefishing for cocktail and taylor sized blues.  **ALL PICTURES ARE IN THE GALLERY**

Here are the specifics:

Thurs 8/1:  Was supposed to have a charter with some out of town guys today, but after they saw the forecast and there was some risk in running the trip, the guys decided to postpone the trip towards the end of the month.

After making some calls last night that we could possibly get a short fun trip in with some local guys, we decided it would be a go since the weather was nice so we left the slip just before 6 and were fishing by 630. Real slow start, we bounced around and finally found some life, and then proceeded to "carpet bomb" the area picking a few fish every drift. All nice quality "NMR's" of 20-24" -- as well as a couple of nice seabass one of which was a legit 3#.

That bite dried up, we tried a different area, and finished off the boat limit (20 fish) by 10AM just as the rain started.

It was a real nice quick trip, and filling a full limit in 3 1/2 hours was nice -- fishing wasn't red hot but we found one nice patch and pounded them. Biggest fish was 4-4.5# taken by Fred.

Fri 8/2:   Had Doug's crew on today filled by Phil R. With high hopes following yesterday's fluking, we headed back to the same general area only to find a few fish and a general lack of bites. Ran around, and never picked more than a fish or two anywhere else, so the crew asked about switching gears specifically targeting bluefish and we obliged.

So, we ran up the line a bit, found the taylor and cocktail blues, and proceeded to catch a load in around an hour's time. The guys easily boated 150, and since every one of the guys in the crew and their families loved bluefish, we kept ~75 of them for the guys.

We finished up the day fluking, but the S wind and S current made the drift real fast but we still put a few more in the box.  Wound up with the 75 or so bluefish in the box, 7 fluke (biggest 5# by young Dennis who had 4 keepers!), and a half dozen chunky seabass.

Saturday 8/3:  Capt Kenny and deckhand Eddie had Chris "Honger's" charter on for a fluke trip.  The guys fished where we've been fishing and despite rain and some breeze conditions, the guys SLAMMED the fluke to 6.5# all day long, catching a full boat limit by 11AM (40 keepers).  They played C&R till 1PM and then called it a day.  Fishing was INSANE all morning long and about 80% of the fish they caught were keepers, very few shorts --- also they had a dozen fish in the 3-6# range.  Great day!

Sunday 8/4:  Had Mark H and his buddy Bobby on (their original charter was supposed to be the weekend Sandy hit) for a makeup trip, but since the guys couldn't get their whole crew together we filled it with Ryan, Jeremiah, Peter and John O.

Ran back to where Kenny had them yesterday and found a small armada of boats drifting for fluke, we set up on some new #'s and had a little pick going with some fish here and there. Nothing to write home about but we'd pick a couple here and there.

We then bounced around picking some here and there, going through some crazy lulls of simply no bites, and some shots of trash fish, but we pieced it together throughout the morning. By 12:30 the drift completely died so we took a ride offshore to fish a couple of wrecks in the 80' range and found zero life on them fluke-wise, so we ran back inshore and finished up where we started.

We finally got a nice NW breeze going by around 2 and the pick again started up and we found some real nice fish to finish up the day.

For the day we had 23 keeper fluke, 20 of which were over 20", topped by Jeremiah's 6#er. Jeremiah and Ryan both had their limits, and Bobby and Mark both had 3 each. We also had 2 nice knucklehead seabass in the box. Overall it was a grind today, but we wound up with a nice mess of fish and pieced together a real nice catch.

Monday 8/5:  Ran our open FTYP today with Fred, Larry, John, and Doug. Ran back to where we had them this weekend.

Brisk wind this morning HARD NW made for a fast drift, but it was nice n cool which was nice for a change. We started out picking a bit, but it was slow b/c the drift was a tad too fast.

Once the wind backed off we bounced around some rockpiles and slowly picked away. We had a few real nice flurries and the box filled up as we just worked our way around all day long. Some shorts, but most of our keepers were again "NMR's" and most were in that 20-24" range with a few in the 18-20" range also. Big fish went to Doug with a 23" 4# fluke, Larry had 8 keepers, John had his limit, and Doug and Fred each wound up with 4 while Kenny and I each put a few in the box.

Wound up with the crew's limit + some extra and a nice seabass. Real nice trip even though it was a grind at times, another one with a couple dozen quality keepers +... The good fishing continues!

Tuesday 8/6:  Had Derial's crew on today for a bluefish trip.  Ran out to the motherlode, got on them early, and had instantaneous, non-stop action for 2 hours on spinning rods and 007 or 17's. Also had a few bluefish on poppers.

Once the guys had enough of that, we went out into the hole to look around at some pots for mahi, but that came up empty, and then we tried trolling around the pots and some bait marks with cedar plugs and clark spoons and again came up empty.  Finished up back inshore with the bluefish.

Called it a day before noon with 200 + cocktail and taylor sized blues to 3# boated, and 1 stray 18" Pollock. The boys kept about 30 of the blues for the grill for tonight, the rest were released.

Great trip with a great crew!

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