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9/2 Update - Fluking BOUNCES BACK Bigtime!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 02 September 2012 12:54

Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we were blown out due to wind & weather so Kenny and I caught up on some maintenance on the boat.

We were able to run Thursday and Friday's trips, and were shocked to see how fluke fishing bounced back following the easterly then southerly blows we experienced over the weekend and early in the week. 


Thurs 8/30:  Our last weekday FTYP of the summer had Larry, Fred, Bill H, Tom, Frasco and Bob on to chase down some flatties.  My plan was to hit some wrecks to our east - on the way out the NW was honking a bit so I decided to try a lump a few miles outside.  Within 45 seconds of stopping the boats and getting the lines in, Fred had a nice 21" fish in the net and that set the tone for the day.  We worked this area for the next few hours, getting the crew their limit of 30 fluke to around 7#.  We agreed once we hit the 30 mark we'd go looking for some bigger fish, and did that at 10:30.  Ran offshore, and fished 4 wrecks - 3 of which had fluke on them.  The first one was just shorts, but the second was LOADED with fluke - a lot of nice quality fish topped by Larry's 7#er.  The third was OK with a couple keepers, the fourth had no life. 

At the end of the day, we boated 50 keeper fluke keeping the boat limit of 40 fish to 7# as well as 3 seabass.  Great day!!!!!!!!  (Pics are in the gallery)

Friday 8/31:  Jack Reese charter.  Fished generally the same areas as thursday, but found a little slower action, but it was still OK.  More shorts on this trip, but we still had around 15 keepers to 4# with a few nice seabass in the mix.  (Pics are in the gallery)

8/29 Update - Fluking Slowing Down & Bad Weather
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 29 August 2012 06:07

Again been very busy recently -- finally time to update!

8/27, 8/28, and now today, 8/29 have all been cancelled due to weather.  Monday we had big t-storms and big s wind, tuesday we had hard southwest winds and now today, Wednesday, hard NNE winds which are supposed to subside by 2PM LOL.  We've had a great summer weather-wise, this week though has been HORRIBLE. 

Friday 8/24's Fluke trip was SLOW.  Only about 15 fish on a half day trip luckily 5 were over 20" and 2 were right @ 17.5".

Saturday 8/25's Fluke trip was better, but conditions were tough with an E wind which slowly increased throughout the day to 15-20 and seas 3-5'.  Billy's crew toughed it out though fishing our OLD stomping grounds down off Ortley which we haven't fished since 2005 finishing 4 fish shy of a limit to 6#.  Nice day for everyone despite the lumpy seas!

**Pics are in the gallery**

8/23 Update - Flukin' Still Good & Bluefish, Albacore, and Mahi!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 23 August 2012 16:34

Got a lot of catching up to do with reports from the last 6 days.  We've been busy and it's been hard to keep up! **ALL PICS ARE IN THE GALLERY** Reports are below:

8/23: Had Andy's charter on today for a bluefish-albacore trip. Broke the inlet nice n early as the sun was coming up and ran out to our east to where the fleet has been fishing and were one of the first boats on the scence.  Got the hook in, had a nice little southerly current so we were able to get set up quickly on an otherwise flat-calm ocean and got the chum and chunks in the water. We got the rods in, and 45 seconds later, we had 3 alligator sized bluefish on and it was that way the next half hour or so.

We backed off the slick a bit, and then the albies started darting through the slick - small soft plastics and whole sardines were the ticket with the albies as we were 10-11 on the speedsters.  Bluefish were in the slick all morning. The water was so blue n clear that we were able to see the fish taking our baits 30' down.

At 10:30, the crew had had enough, and were waving the white flag. The bluefish bite was wild as we could've caught fish all day long and had every rod hooked up at all times. The albies were a bit tougher, but still were plentiful.

After they had enough of the chum/chunk bite, we went looking around the lobster pots in the hole for mahi - came up empty. One quick drop on a wreck in 90' on the way home yielded 3 keeper seabass.  Great trip - the crew is probably popping advil and sitting in a sauna right now b/c those fish whooped them. We boated a load of bluefish, kept 8 for the table while releasing the rest and the 10 albies.

8/22:  Ran out east in the dark 35 or do miles to a wreck found some bait n chicks and set up on the drift w 2 sharking sticks while chunking n jigging. Zero life.

Onto pot hopping - went 4-6 on mahi in the 3-8# range - even that was slow as 1 in every 10 pots had a mahi. Did one more shark/tuna drift, nada but a few nice king That came off the wreck.

So, we finished the day inshore w the fleet and crushed the slammer bluefish- no Albies for us though.  Long day, but a good one w a great crew!!!

8/21:  FTYP trip today.  Ran south again to the snags we've been fishing, and CRUSHED them although we had just a pick at times.  Easily boated 100+ fluke, wound up boxing up a boat limit of 35 keepers to just under 7# taken by Fred who also had 12 keepers himself.  Great day!!!!!!!!!!

8/20:  Had Bob n Charlie's crew on for their yearly charter.  Decided to fluke fish since its been so good.  Well, the N current and the light N breeze made for a real fast drift and we only caught a few fluke and 1 bluefish.  Very slow day for us!

8/18:  Larry, Fred, Brian, Kenny and I fished the FSOS fluke tournament.  Ran out in the dark and started fishing in the dark.  Hard NNE breeze started quickly kicking in and seas grew to 4-6' - had to power drift to put a catch together.  Had between 14-16 keepers only keeping 13 of the biggest ones as we had a few right @ 17.5" as we were looking for a slob.  Our best fish was Larry's whose was 5.2# - we finished in the top 10 but not good enough!

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