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12/4 - End of Season (Unfortunately!)
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 04 December 2012 19:12

Tuesday 12/4/12:  Today I made a very tough decision and decided to call it quits on this season.  This fall and early winter has been the most disappointing part of a season I've ever experienced in this business as we only sailed 7 times since September :(  Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath had a lot to do with this, as did the other numerous HORRIBLE weather days we had on weekends since Labor Day. 

What complicates things on my end is that our home is in Ortley, right in the middle of "ground zero" from Sandy. Up until recently, we had no access to the house as residents were not allowed due to infrastructure issues; we finally got there for the first time 3 weeks ago to get started with clean-up.  We've been back since to continue and to get work done, but there's a lot to be done.  Although the interior of the house itself was unscathed (thank god!!), our crawl space, insulation, some electric, heat/ac duct work was all extremely compromised and was gutted this weekend.  We are in the process of getting it dried out, replacing the insulation and duct work, as well as the electric.  This is going to be a long road back for us, and we have to dedicate our time on this - priorities!!  We're hearing we should be in good shape sometime in January, as long as everything goes as planned with the work being done on the island.  We were very lucky, others were not. 

What makes this even tougher is that fishing is finally getting back to normal now, with some bass showing and the blackfish bite being generally pretty good.  Believe me, we'd love to be out there and we'd love to have you guys out there with us, but again, priorities win out here.

We of course will be back in the spring, and we will be shaping up for the spring arrival of our bass in April. 

11/25 Blackfish Report!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 05:48
Sunday 11/25:  First day out in a couple of weeks because of, you guessed it, weather!  Saturday's charter was also cancelled because of the screaming NW wind.  But, finally, Sunday, we got out on our open boat trip.  On board w/ Kenny and I were Billy, bill, mike, jimmy, cubby and Kenny. Fished south in 50-70' depths- made 4 drops. Little wind early going hard west by 1030.

We had Ok action early w/ some keepers and loads of 14-14.999" shorts, but a keeper here and there was sprinkled in. Moved around looking for a bite, but never got more than a slow pick going.  We'd have a flurry of a few fish, then it'd just quickly shut off.  It was like that most of the day. 

For the day we had ~15 keepers (didn't get an exact #) with the biggest between 5-6# and another around 5#. Most of the rest of the boxers were over 16" with only a few being right on the mark. We also had at least 30 shorts for the day. Tough day, but still got some fish for the guys !
11/11 Weekend Update - Bass are Still Here Post-Sandy & Snowstorm!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 11 November 2012 19:41
Saturday 11/10:  Finally back out today for an OB trip w/ Chris, Dave, Scott, Ryan, and Jeremiah after two weeks of inactivity due to Hurricane Sandy and the Noreaster that dumped snow on us earlier this week. There are currently only 5 boats in the water at Clark's, and with no electricity at the end of our docks things were abnormally quiet and dark this early November morning when we left our slip.

Lots of trash floating in the river, and still some boats up on the golf course and on people's properties - crazy stuff. Even saw a part of a house in the river near the dog beach - once we got up into the inlet itself seeing the devastation in Manasquan and right on inlet drive in point beach was quite sobering

We broke the inlet before sunrise and were greeted to a great one as we started looking for birds and fish around our inlet. Water was dirty, and there was loads of bait on the machine, but nothing concentrated in any way. Whatever the case the guys worked the jigs real hard for the first few hours on good looking marks between Bay Head and Asbury - all we managed on the jigs was a dogfish. Got a call of a few fish on the troll up the line a bit further around the rocks @ 10AM, so we ran that way but had no touches at all on the shad rigs. After 90 mintues of nothing, we worked our way back south, again looking. Tried one pass on some bait off Asbury/Bradley - again nothing.

Then at 12:30 we got a call that there was a little bite south of our inlet again on the troll, so we headed that way. We switched the shad rigs over to bunker spoons and stretch plugs, and finally found a few fish to come tight. For the first hour, we had knockdowns every 10 or so minutes, getting 2 nice bass to the boat in the 32-34" range and one 12# bluefish as well as a few fish coming off and a few complete misses. But as the tide changed, the bite petered out so we called it a day just after 2.

It was great to be back out, and catching a few fish was a bonus. Some eerie stuff out there though - the devastation along Mantoloking was horrendous... Seeing houses sitting off their foundation's and house's roofs sitting sideways along the beach, as well as seeing homes completely destroyed was something I personally thought I'd never see along our shoreline. Also looking south and seeing the Ferris Wheel WITHOUT the piers was quite saddening, and finally, seeing what's left of the breaches in Bay Head and Mantoloking was another reminder of what Sandy did to our area.

Nevertheless, we're Jerseyites, we're determined and resilient, we will rebuild, and we will find our way back to "normalcy" sooner than most of the pundits think. Getting out today, and talking to/seeing a lot of the regulars (Monger, Shore Catch guys, Canyon Runner, the Bluefish Headboats, Richie MA just to name a few) on the water was a big help for all of us.

Back at it next weekend - hope these bass start getting organized and we can start catching them on jigs again!
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