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8/2 Report - Seabass Fishing is EXCELLENT + Triggerfish
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 02 August 2012 15:58
Had Kim H and her husband Dan charter the boat today for their daughter Jamie's 25th birthday along w/ her boyfriend Carl. Plan was to seabass fish to get some fish for the freezer.

Fished down to our south and various snags and rockpiles - some pieces held loads of seabass while others were picked over. First couple of drops were OK, we picked some keepers n shorts + 1 big triggerfish, but then made a move a little to the east and got a real good bite going with a 50/50 mix of keepers and shorts and more triggerfish.

Once that dried up, we headed back inshore and fished a high rockpile and had some bigger bass plus three more big triggerfish. Once that one dried up, we worked our way south and picked away a bit here and there. The last piece produced some of the nicer fish of the day with 5 being 2-3#.

Overall we had a real nice day of seabass fishing with CONSTANT action from shorts and keepers and lock and load kinda bites. Loads of shorts, couldn't even count em', but we weeded through the shorts to put 92 keepers in the box as well as 6 triggerfish. Biggest seabass was Jamie's 4#er and we had around a dozen between 2-3#. The rest were the 13-15" specimens with a good amount right on the mark. We blew through three bushels of shucked clams today and got into the reserve baits at the end - squid n gulp - LOL. Ya know ya had a good day of seabassin' when that happens.

Real nice trip with some real nice people!!
8/1 Update! Fluke & Seabass...
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 16:37

We're back in action after an 8 day layup for some 2000 hour maintenance.

Last Monday, 7/23, we had the Tom Quinn Charter on and pasted the cocktail blues 10 miles NE of our inlet - boated a load.  Also tried fluking/seabassing but that was a struggle.

On Tuesday, 7/24, our maintenance started and we were back at Clark's on 7/31.

Today, 8/1, we had the Mike Eannone charter on.  We started out seabassing at our south reef, did well boxing around a dozen and loads of shorts with double headers and constant action, but the swell/chop got the best of two of the boys so we headed for the river and fluke fished in there.  Lots of shorts, lots of bites, and 4 keepers to 20" all on trout rods n gulp on jigs.  Nice day with a great crew!

7/19 Update - Up and Down Fluking the Last Few Days
Written by Capt.Allen   
Thursday, 19 July 2012 07:16

We've been out the last three days fluke fishing:  Monday 7/16, Tues 7/17, Weds 7/18.

Monday's fishing was a pick, we wound up with 18 keepers working snags to our NE.  Larry Valdez took over the season lead for the biggest fluke on the boat with a 6.5#er on the trip.  Larry and Fred both had limits.

Tuesday was very tough.  Horrible conditions, and just not a lot of fish caught.  We caught some fluke, a handful of keepers, a few ling and seabass, and some taylor sized blues, but the fishing flat-out stank.

Wednesday saw an improvement in the fluke fishing because conditions improved.  We caught fish on the snags NE of our inlet, and also caught fish up north in the rocks.  We wound up with a dozen keeper fluke, a few seabass, and a load of taylor blues (1-3#ers) that the guys wanted to have for the grill on the way in out to our NE. 

Today, Thursday is blown out due to the NE wind, and most likely Friday and Saturday will be as well!! 

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