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8/15 Update --- Flukin' on Fire!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 05:50

8/14:  Had Rich Comly and family on again for a fluke charter. Rich, Scott, Tony and the rest of their crew have been fishing with me for 7 years now and its always good having them on the boat - twice in a week is even better!  Anyways we ran back south again to where we've been catching them. First drop was on the wreck we carpet bombed em' on yesterday afternoon, but only had a couple shorts there. Ran a bit further south, got a few keepers on a rockpile, then the drift changed a bit, going from straight outta the N (from the N current) to East-west.

I then ran further south and got a little bite going on the edge of a rockpile, the fish bit in a 10 yard area so we were able to get some cracks at them picking away getting a keeper or two every drift until it dried up. We then hit another rockpile, and had the same result.  We then ran even further down the line, and had a decent bite again just off another rockpile picking a few more keepers, this time bigger fish and Capt Kenny took one ~6.5# there.

With the bad weather right on the horizon, we ran back north to get closer to home, but kept at it. We found another nice patch of fish a bit more inshore, and again on the edge of some rocks - we had a real good bite there for about 30 minutes until the breeze started kicking up and the rain kicked in.

We finished the day when it started pouring on us and headed for home - we coulda stayed and picked more but the crew had their fish! At day's end we boated ~75 fluke, with Scott and Dave both bagging limits +. Overall we got the crew's limit and came up just 3 fish shy of a boat limit (27)- another GREAT day of fluking with a lot of quality fish in the mix. Most of our keepers were 19-21", with 4 a tad bigger to the big fish of 6.5#.

We are seeing some of the best fluking we've seen in some time right now, with LOTS of keepers and our crews going home with nice sacks of meat!!! So if you're thinking about coming down, do it sooner than later!!!

8/13: Ran our Monday FTYP trip today. Broke the inlet just after 6 and ran to some snags to our south where we've been catching them. The guys really wanted a big fish today, so that was my goal when we started.  First few drifts we had a slow pick with the west wind - we were actually drifting too fast over the small pieces but we picked a few keepers. Once that dried up, we bounced around a bit, picking fish here and there as the wind crapped out.

For the most part, our morning went like I said above. We'd hop around, catch a few, then move on after a few drifts without finding a larger fish. We had nothing more than a pick going, but we were piecing together a real nice catch of fish plus a few jumbo seabass and a ling.

I decided to try a wreck I hadn't fished in some time a bit later, and as soon as we set up on it, we had SICK fishing for the next hour. We simply beat on the fluke, had true lock and load fishing with a mix of keepers and shorts. At some points we had 6 on, and it got so silly we were flipping 20"+ fish into the boat. It was as simple as dropping the bucktail down, bounce it three times, and set the hook on a fish.

We easily limited the boat out here and went into C&R mode. We tried another wreck and picked a few more off; those "would-be" keepers went back unharmed, but finding that bigger fish again proved to be the challenge for us.

Great finish today after a good, but picky bite through the morning. We easily got the boat limit and released several more keepers; we didn't count but we had somewhere between 35-45 keepers today. We had about a half dozen fish around 5 #, but nothing bigger. Larry and Fred continued their limit streak on the boat, and Ryan H also got his limit and released a few nice ones. Great day with a GREAT crew of regulars!!

Saturday 8/11 Update - Fluke-Blues-Bottom Fishing HOT!!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Saturday, 11 August 2012 16:52

We haven't been out since Thursday 8/9 due to the screaming south wind and nasty weather, but fishing this week prior to the parade of nasty thunderstorms and strong southerly winds was EXCELLENT.  Reports below:

Thursday 8/9:  Had a FTYP today with 5 regulars and headed south to the rocks where we finished up Tuesday.

Picky bite to start but scratched out keepers every drift - all nice NMR's in the 2-5# range with only a couple nail biter keepers. We "carpet bombed" this area (Thanks Walsh LOL) for a couple hours and picked a dozen. Kenny had one just over 7# here, and even I decked one just under 7#.

Ran up to the north reef and picked a half dozen more plus some shorts on a few pieces, and dropped one hog on a live spot

We worked our way to finish up the day as the south wind picked up, and picked away on a few more drops with long drifts. Fred finished off the day nailing a 6# 5 oz. beauty which was probably hooked off Harvey Cedars since he has so much line out.  Wound up with the 5 man (crew) limit and 6 nice seabass. We had 4 fish over 6#, and the rest except for 3 of the fish were in the 2-5# range -- lots of nice quality fish today!! Nice day with a GREAT crew - lots of good hearted ball busting and laughs; the guys went home with huge sacks of meat and again, we had a great day with some great regulars!

Wednesday 8/8:  Had the Comley's on today for our deepwater wreck trip. We brought some of the bluefin stuff along and some stuff for bluefish since Rich loves to put the big demons in his smoker.Broke the inlet @ 630 and shot east 20 something miles to our first drop - this spot is a cod producer and has been very good to us in the past. Today, it was loaded with bergalls and 1 nice ling. Kenny jigged up a nice seabass on a stingo pb&j - but that was it. We shifted around and found a couple more bites, one of which was a 22" pollock taken by Rich.

We then worked our way east another 6 miles, to hit a few pieces - a boat was on one and the other produced just a few bites. So, we shot north 12 miles to another wreck that was a good ling wreck. On this piece we were able to power drift and we had a very good ling bite with mixed size ling up to 2#. At some points we were catching them as quickly as we could get the rigs down. I also boated my personal best winter flounder, which was every bit of 4# (21.5"!!), which was released and rocketed back to the bottom. Rich also decked a beautiful 25" cod, our only codfish of the day.

Interesting part about this piece is that we had a rather large shark checking us out; it got maybe 30 yards off our port side. On an estimate, it looked to be every bit of 10-12' in length, and had a ragged black dorsal - I'm not shark expert and I've personally never seen one, but that thing sure as hell looked like a great white I know it wasn't a brown, thresher, mako, blue, tiger, or hh - so who knows?

Our next stop was to run back to the south and east and try to chunk up a bluefin, and at the very least get some bluefish for Rich's smoker. On the way we threw some chunks at some lobster pots for mahi - no dice whatsoever on that front. On the hook we were only able to catch bluefish in the 9-12# range, and we kept a half dozen and released the rest.

Headed back to the dock at 2:30, but decided to make one quick stop for fluke right outside our inlet - and in 2 drifts, we had a couple of keepers and shorts to 19".  Great day by any standard. We filled a whole bushel basket with ling, and had 1 seabass, 1 cod, and 1 pollock along w/ the fluke and bluefish while releasing the flounder as well as other bluefish.

One little tidbit: Today was the first day, according to my log, since 1987, that I personally caught a winter flounder and fluke on the same trip - that trip was in June of 1987 and it was in the Manasquan River. Either way, it's pretty cool catching both of those species on the same trip.

We'll be seeing Rich, Toni and family again next week for a fluke trip. Great day w/ some great people!!!

Tuesday 8/9:  Had the boys from the SWABC club on board today for another one of their summer fluke charters run by Jim Zimmer.

Ran east of our inlet to start and picked a couple of keepers, but conditions stank and we were reeling up skate after skate mixed in with the occasional short. Started bouncing around, working our way south, fishing some snags just looking for a good concentration of fish.

Every piece we dropped on we'd pick a few fish, but with a kooky drift with the S current and light NE wind we really couldn't get back on the fish after a drift or two. We had a very slow pick until 12:30 when conditions got a bit better.

Later in the day we hit two other rockpiles further south, and both produced a nice amount of keepers and shorts, and thankfully no more skates. The last piece was the best drop of the day where we topped off our box with a few fish in the 4-6# range.

Wound up being another real good trip - 23 keepers made it to the boat to 5.5# taken by Mike, and we had about a half dozen total in the 4-6# range. Mixed in were a few nice seabass as well. All fish were taken on bucktail teaser combos as usual. We'll be seeing these guys again later this month, hopefully we'll get them some BIG fish next time!!

Saturday 8/4 Fluke Slamfest Limits +++!!
Written by Capt.Allen   
Sunday, 05 August 2012 05:59
Fished the JCSA fluke tournament today w/ a 4 man crew. Decided to run up the beach to some snags and rough stuff that we haven't fished in around a month.

Left the dock @ 545 - First piece we hit we picked a few keepers and shorts, but it wasn't really that good so we moved on. Next piece was more life, more shorts and more keepers. Pounded that area hard for over an hour picking keepers w/ some nice 3-5# cookie cutters mixed in, hoping to find that "one" fish there. Didn't happen.

Ran off to a deeper snag, more of the same: Keepers n shorts, w/ some cookie cutters thrown in topped by a couple of bigger fish just shy of 5#. Still couldn't find that one.

Ran off even further to a high spot/snag and was by ourselves - got a real nice pick going topping off our limit by 10:15AM - we then started culling. Just after that, I had a real WEIRD bite and the fish burst up to the top - it was a nice thesher 100-150# or so that hit the bucktail and made 2 crazy jumps right behind the boat, the crazy beast pealed line like there was no tomorrow, then I gained a little, then another jump got the leader wrapped on the tail and popped off. Great little battle and nice surprise, but we didn't get the fish.

Back to flukin', more of the same, nice fish culling out smaller ones but just couldn't find that one. By 12:30 the south wind and S current together made for a real fast drift in the deep, so we bounced around inshore picking a few more would-be keepers but again couldn't find a big fish.

Called it a day around 330. We wound up with 36 keeper fluke to 4 3/4#, only keeping our legal limit. We also had about 6 keeper seabass. Fred was high hook with 12 keepers, and Brian had the 2 top fish both around 4 3/4#. Out of the fish we kept, about half were in that "cookie cutter" range. It was a great day of fluking - just couldn't find that one fish that would've put us in the $$$. Thems are the breaks!!
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